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Class 10 Pack: $155

Unlimited Monthly: $155

Student/Military price: $135

One Year Paid in Full: $1675

Six Months Paid in Full: $885

How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership:

Your Membership Includes: $155

  • Daily workouts lead by knowledgeable coaches
  • Specific warm-ups, including technique and drills to prepare you for the strength
    and/or metabolic component
  • Programming written in 6-8 week blocks that is designed to improve your
    performance in specific areas of fitness
  • Community of like minded individuals to help you stay motivated

Strength Example:
8 week squat cycle to build leg strength.

Technique Example:
Pull-up progressions to get you to your first pull up, or increase your capacity to do
pull ups.

Met-Con Example:
Running drills and running designed to help increase your speed and endurance. 
Benchmark Workout Helen 3 Rounds for time 400m run 21 Kettlebell Swings 12


Nickel City Barbell Club:

If you are looking to hone your Olympic lifting skills and (potentially) compete in an
Olympic lifting meet, this program is for you.  We work with lifters of all levels from
beginners to those training for the American Open.  The programming is goal
specific, individualized, and tailored to identify your weaknesses and make them
your strengths.  Training varies from 3 to 5 days per week depending on your

Membership for Barbell Club is $155 and includes (add unlimited CrossFit classes
for an additional $30):

  • Video Breakdown
  • Meet Day Coaching
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Individualized Programming (including unilateral, hypertrophy, and/or strength
    cycles to supplement your lifting program)


Our On-ramp program is a series of sessions that are designed to help you get the most out of your workouts CROSSFIT NICKEL CITY. During the six on-ramp sessions, you will be progressively introduced and master the movements we use in our workouts. Every member will go through some form of the onramp program. The program includes:

  • A movement assessment/injury screen with PREHAB exercise recommendations
  • CORE 101- A challenging and educational session that discusses spine safety and good core training
  • Training in CFNC’s FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS- squatting, pushing, pulling, deadlifting and running
  • Progressive workouts designed to help you transition seamlessly into our group classes


Why start with the on-ramp program?

At CrossFit Nickel City we offer a very comprehensive On-Ramp Program designed to help new athletes learn about our CrossFit methods. If you would describe yourself as any of the following, then the On-Ramp Program is right for you, and you MUST COMPLETE THE ON-RAMP before joining in normal classes:

  • You are starting your first fitness program.
  • You are just starting a fitness program after a long period of inactivity.
  • You are recovering from an injury

  • You exercise regularly, but have no previous CrossFit Experience.

  • You have previous CrossFit Experience, but have taken at least 6 months off.

  • You CrossFit on your own regularly, but you do so without a coach.

  • You want to gain a thorough understanding of CrossFit fundamentals.

How long will the On-Ramp program take?

  • The On-Ramp program is six sessions and is designed to be completed in 2 weeks


Session 1: Assessment, PREHAB prescription, planning conversation

Session 2: CORE 101, Prehab review,

  • WOD (shuttle run, planks)

Session 3 : Foundational Movements 1: Squat, Push, Pull

  • Squat mobility (heels raised), stability squat (bands around knees), PVC front squat, PVD back squat, PVC overhead squat, ring rows, ring push-up
  • WOD- air squat, ring row, ring push-up, 10 min AMRAP
  • Coaching Keys: introduce concept of AMRAP, introduce specific movement prep (squat mob and stab squat) for loaded movement


  • band walking- Bent leg- S-S, FW->BW, Straight leg- S-S, FB-BW, band on feet- S-S bent leg, S-S straight leg, BW lunge with reach, Worlds Greatest Stretch, Side Squat, Inverted Hamstring Stretch, Drop Lunge
  • Monostructural- side shuffle, carioca, linear march, linear skip, A-skip
  • WOD- Lunge, assisted pull-up, wall ball- 15 reps each
  • Coaching keys: Discuss concept of static warm-up, progressing to dynamic wark-up, progressing to neural activation, focus on quality (compare AMRAP to 15 reps each)

Session 5: Foundational Movements 2: Hip Hinge, PLYOMETRIC progression, RECOVERY

  • TRX hinge hinge mobility, PVC double leg hip hinge, PVC single leg hip hinge, PVD double leg dead lift, PVC single leg deadlift.
  • DL drop squats, SL drop squats, DL squat jump NCM, DL squat jump CM
  • Jump rope skill
  • WOD- hip hinge with row, jump rope, 1 min each with 1 min recovery for 5 rounds.
  • REGEN workshop: foam roll, static stretching
  • Coaching keys: Discuss intensity and the need to recover

Session 6: Comprehensive Review

  • PREHAB- as prescribed
  • WOD- push-up, side shuffle, ring row, carioca, wall ball, march, assisted pull-up, A-skip, DL deadlift, Front Squat, SL deadlift, SL squat (20 each)
  • REGEN- all
***Discounts for student, military, law enforcement ,first responder, police, fire, border patrol, customs, corrections*** 10% discount for 1 year paid in full membership 5% discount for 6 month paid in full membership