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January 9, 2019

CrossFit Nickel City – WOD

A: Top Support (Max Hold x 1-2 Attempts)

Fully locked out elbows, external rotation of the rings, and good hollow body line.

B: Bottom Support (Max Hold x 1-2 Attempts )

Deepest bottom of the dip. Keep the rings pulled tight to the chest while actively pushing into the rings.

C1: Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups (Max Reps x 1-2 Attempts)


C2: Pull-ups (Max Reps x 1-2 Attempts)

If unable to do a CTB pull-up, then perform as many regular STRICT pull-ups.

D: Ring Dips (Max Reps x 1-2 Attempts)


E: Hollow Hold (Max Hold x 1 Attempt)

F: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

16 Minute AMRAP:

20/15 Cal Row

30 KB Swing

30/20 Cal Bike

50 Double Unders
Intent: Cardio piece! Aim for four rounds!

Fitness: 20/12kg, SU x 100

Rx: 24/16kg


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