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Heather Babbitt


Member Spotlight: Heather Babbitt

Coach’s Thoughts:
Heather Babbitt, Babs, GGB500, B.L.B.S. Heather has so many nicknames!!! Heather’s story could have been full of excuses and unattained goals, but her strong will and positive outlook has lead her down a path filled with accomplishments. I recall the first time Heather walked in the door, we were planning a workout for endurance athletes and runners and Heather was training for a 5 kilometer race (P.S. has now finished a half marathon) that she was running the very next day. She told me she had broken her hip and had a boatload of plates and screws holding it together. Right off the bat I was impressed that she was doing anything athletic at all and I was excited to help her improve her running. After the class without any hesitation she immediately signed up for our On-Ramp program and has been progressing by leaps and bounds ever since.

If success in fitness is defined by making small improvements every day and paying attention to the detail in which you move then Heather has been successful.
I wish I had a video of the first squat I ever saw Heater do to compare it to how she moves today, I bet even she would not believe the dramatic improvement.

Finally I have to mention what Heather has added to the community, whether it’s a witty comment to lighten the mood, hating emails, being excited that everyone in class has on either red or blue shirts for a Crips vs Bloods workout or coming up with the over 30 under 30 years old comp Heather is always making things more fun at the Box. If I could pick between a freak athlete to coach or someone like Heather I would always pick her.
– Chris Heeb

Often people use the butterfly archetype to describe someone who has changed so drastically that they are nearly unrecognizable. This is exactly what Heather is, unrecognizable as the woman who walked into CFNC two years ago. I have personally witnessed her challenge herself through some of the toughest, grueling workouts that I have written and come out on the other side smiling. If you could check our leader board daily, you would see her continual effort to Rx every workout. I know that she craves to be that competitive athlete because it is a reminder of what she once lost. It has been truly amazing to see where she had started to where she is now. I have a feeling that she is not done growing or changing either. I look forward to what the future brings for her as an athlete and as a person.

– Kyle Habdo

1. Who are you as an athlete? What motivates you?
I am someone is trying to constantly improve myself. Five years ago, I suffered a femoral neck fracture – in layman’s terms, I broke my hip and needed a partial hip replacement. I lost the ability to walk, it took me nearly a year and half to be able to move without an assisted device. While I was relearning how to walk, I found that there were so many things that I had taken for granted. I lost so many of those things that had given me independence and had defined life for me up to that point. Now, I have found such an appreciation for movement and am so thankful that I can participate in the sport of CrossFit. My want to constantly improve myself has led me to chase mastering the basics, such as the squat and hinge, so I can get closer to the pack and be competitive again.

2. What brought you to CrossFit Nickel City?
After I broke my hip, I had put on more weight than what I was comforable with and used my hip as an excuse that I could not do anything about it. I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. It was then that I started doing some research on Youtube for some at home exercises and tips on eating healthier. It was okay at first but still left a void in me. I was lonely and in need of social interaction. A friend of mine had started CrossFit and told me that I needed to try it out. I Googled the boxes in the area and there was something about the CFNC website that I gravitated towards. I showed up two years ago on September 5th, 2015 and have not left since.

3. What has been a highlight of your’s at the box?
Hands down, my highlight was competing at the In-House Individual competition that we did last year in the summer – the first one we did for the Matt Urban Hope House. I was still relatively new to CrossFit and I was completely worried that I was going to embarrass myself during the workouts. There was actually a point in that day were I considered hiding out in the bathroom when my heat was set to go. But I didn’t! I ended up PRing my clean and jerk during the comp. It was an incredible feeling, the rush of the adrenaline and putting the weight over my head. I’m so glad that I overcame my own fear and got out of my comfort zone.

How has CrossFit Nickel City changed your life?
CrossFit Nickel City has undoubtedly made me more confident in life. I have never committed to something so fiercely as I have committed to this. It has given me so much happiness through believing in myself and being able to surrounding myself with amazing people who I can call friends. CFNC has given me confidence to be more outgoing and to enjoy life more. It has definitely made me overall healthier and more fit. I got a little lost after I broke my hip and became a slight introvert. I’m glad that I made the leap of faith to try this, I could not imagine my life without it.

What would you tell others about CrossFit Nickel City?
“This place is amazing community with people in all stages of abilities.” You should ignore the stigma that surrounds CrossFit and try it. It is a great way to exercise and it’s incredibly fun. It will test you mentally and physically, but if you are able to give a 100% of your ability, you will be proud of yourself no matter what. I know I always have been.