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Article-Train Smarter Not Harder

Train Smarter Not Harder

Many athletes may notice that no matter how hard a workout is, you can almost always finish or get at least one more rep. As a coach, it is my job to make sure athletes realize that while you are working out at nearly maximum capacity, you do not feel pain unless it is a severe acute injury. This is because the human body is incredibly resilient and is programed to keep moving or complete a task. This is a great survival mechanism but you may find yourself in a workout or a race where the cost may be greater than the benefit.

It is important to take the cues your body is giving you after you wind down for the day and stop moving. For example, you feel fine after your workout, but when you sit down on your couch to watch Scandal, you notice your knee is killing you. You then think “well it was not hurting during the workout so I must be fine right?” WRONG! Even though the pain may be dull or bearable, it could be your body telling you there is a muscle imbalance or a poor movement pattern that keeps getting repeated.

Being mindful of what signals your body is giving you is important to staying injury free and moving well. When you notice something, you should always tell your coach!