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Article-Mobility… Stability … Strength

Mobility… Stability… Strength

Turning on the T.V. or going to a competition you can see high-level athletes preforming amazing feats of strength, balance, agility, flexibility, endurance, stamina, power, speed and coordination. All very sexy and exciting to watch, but what you don’t see in competition is how much work truly goes into working on joint mobility and stability to preform those feats effectively.


Joint mobility is defined by the ability to move freely and pain free through the entire range of motion of a joint.

Joint stability is the ability to keep the joint in any given position specifically under a load.

In order to have an injury/pain free CrossFit experience, mobility and stability need to be a bigger priority than how much weight you can lift.

So what does that mean to you as a member?

Simply put, it means you need to earn the right to do high-level techniques such as an over-head squat and a barbell snatch.

If you lack the range of motion to raise your hands over your head, or lack the ability to keep them in that position, do you think it would be wise to load up a barbell and throw large amounts of weight over head??? Most would say probably not.

Mobilizing w Lax Ball
This is where smart, conservative coaching is very important. If you tell a coach you are having joint pain during a workout and he/she tells you to “push through it” it’s time to find a new coach.

We don’t want to discourage athletes by telling them they simply cannot do that lift in the gym, but encourage them to take a different course of action by instead:

  • 1) Empowering athletes by showing them what they can do safely and /li>
  • 2) Teach mobility skills and drills to improve the range of motion quality in a specific joint so they can work safely toward that coveted lift.

Joint mobility and stability exercises aren’t just something to pass the time during warm-ups and cool-downs, they are important skills to raise your level of athletic ability so you can preform lifts and movements effectively and also so you can move well years down the road.