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Member Spotlight: Wilmer Peralta

Coach’s Thoughts:
What Wilmer did not mention when he says, “I am CrossFit Nickel City,” is that he has literally been there since the conception of our box. Wilmer stood next to me in one of the first times that we visited an old abandoned bar on Virginia street, where we envisioned a gym filled with energy and life. He helped rip down the decrepit drywall, moved the furnaces from the ceiling to the closet, and helped paint the walls. Wilmer went from swinging hammers to slinging weights in the gym, his presence has helped shape what we have all come to know as CrossFit Nickel City.

Wilmer uses every class he attends as an opportunity to conquer weaknesses and to chase the weights on squats or cleans. He is an excellent example of a leader in class with his attentiveness to the whoever is coaching class, detail to the workout, and willingness to help other athletes in the box. Outside of the box, Wilmer has been a great friend to both myself and Karen. I look forward to his growth as an athlete and as a person inside and outside of our box. – Chris Heeb

1. Who are you as an athlete? What motivates you?
I always considered an athlete to be someone who challenges themselves to be a better person, regardless of circumstance. An athlete is someone who is always willing to put in the extra work to sharpen their ability and make themselves better at their given sport. And that is something that motivates me day in and day out – to become better than who I was yesterday, even if its just a little bit. I see people who are in worse off situations than myself performing incredible feats of strength and not letting their situation effect them. So, I ask myself often, “what’s stopping me?”

2. What brought you to CrossFit Nickel City?
What brought me to this box was friendship. Karen and I knew each other from a previous job, she always talked about how her and Chris wanted to open up a gym geared towards people who wanted to become athletes and create a positive change in their lives. It was around the time that I got into CrossFit and my old gym was closing down. There were no other CrossFit boxes in the city, which is when Karen told me they were going to open one in the downtown area. So when it was time to break ground on the building, I was ready to help as much as I could.

3. What has been a highlight of your’s at the box?
The comradery at CrossFit Nickel City is the first thing that comes to mind. Not any of my PR’s have been more important to me than the community that has been built here. Without this community, without the new friendships I have made, I’m not sure my PR’s would have been enough to keep me here. When I do not have the motivation to push myself on, I know that the community here will rise up to help push me through whatever workout or whatever trouble is thrown my way.

How has CrossFit Nickel City changed your life?
On a personal level, it has given me more of a willingness to believe in myself. My biggest struggle has always been my weight. It has been something that I have battled for my entire life, and this place has given me the platform to challenge myself physically, as well as learn more about nutrition from the owners and various seminars given for free at the box.

What would you tell others about CrossFit Nickel City?
This is like a family. The facility, the coaching staff, and the members are all inviting and welcoming. The coaching staff is awesome. The members hold each other accountable through workouts and showing up to classes. And we also spend time together outside of the box, whether its to grab some food after a hard workout or just to relax on the weekends. This is a great place.