CrossFit Nickel City – WOD

A1: Warm-up (No Measure)

Top Support Hold: 3 x 10s

Bottom Support Hold: 3 x 10s

False Grip Ring Rows: 1-2 x 10

MU Transitions: 4-5

A2: Muscle-ups (3 x Max)

If you are capable of performing MU’s, then perform 3 sets of max reps in place of the false grip ring rows and MU transition drills.

B: Metcon (Time)

45/35 Row Cal TT
The forecast calls for snow in the morning, so to keep classes fair throughout the day we’re going to do a calorie row time trial instead of a 400m! I KNOW YOU’RE EXCITED.

Classes will have more than 5 people, so cheer on your fellow athlete. Help them sprint through the discomfort!

C: Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

6 x 2:00 Minute:

Thrusters x 9

Front Squat x 5

Double Unders x 30
Intent: A bit of barbell cycling with gymnastic skill. If you chose a heavier weight for the barbell, then break up the barbell movement into two sets. Do not get to the point where you fail front squats and have to clean the bar back up. Break it up early! Consistency is key in this workout to make it under the two minute time cap and gain rest time.

Fitness: 75/55, SU: 60

Rx: 95/65

Rx+: 135/95