CrossFit Nickel City – WOD

A: Handstand Push-ups (See Notes)

1. Headstand: 3 x 15-30s

2. Handstand: 3 x 15-30s

3. Eccentric Only HSPU: 4 x 4, rest 90s.

*Increased deficit


3. 40-60% of Max (Strict/Kip) HSPU EMOM x 6

4. 2-3 sets:

Strict Press x 5

DB Overhead Tricep Ext x 12-15

B: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 x 4 Minute AMRAP/1:00 Minute Rest:

R1 + R3:


R2 + R4:


Double KB Hang Clean

Front Squat

Double KB Snatch
Intent: Hinging endurance.

R2/4: The ladder is an amrap. If you finish the 3rd double snatch, you begin at 1 hang clean within that 4 minute set.

Fitness: 20/12kg

Rx: 24/16kg